Founded in 2016 by jewelry designer Shirley Rothstein, Via Rothstein is a contemporary jewelry brand specializing in luxury fashion jewelry.

The brand aesthetics is best defined as classic and nostalgic with a bit of an edge.

Via Rothstein’s jewelry are designed to help women celebrate their beauty and femininity in their own way by creating a visual story to speak out their unique style and personality.



“When I was a little girl, I used to love playing with my mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry. I would spend hours studying their jewelry boxes, fascinated by the tiny sculptures in shiny metal and gems with all their details.”

After graduating from “Bezalel” academy in Jerusalem and “Le Arti Orafe” school in Florence, Shirley had worked for many years in the jewelry industry in Israel, designing for the best companies in the market. With her rich background and years of experience she launched her own brand in 2015.

The name Via Rothstein is a combination of the word via, which means way or road and her last name, Rothstein. This name symbolizes her drawn for Italian design and culture as well as her own place in the jewelry world bringing together old-world craftsmanship, high quality and contemporary materials and methods.